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Ignite Growth. Cultivate Connection. Elevate Results.

A Unique Perspective

Your Senior Living Sales Partner

Natasha brings a rare perspective to agency and sales partnerships: she's been in your shoes. Spending years deep within senior living communities, she's mastered the art of building relationships, guiding visits, planning events and closings sales on the frontline. Now, with over a decade of agency experience in sales and marketing strategy, she seamlessly bridges the gap between tactics and results.

Proven Partnership Powerhouse:

  • Boosts Lead Generation: Natasha's holistic multi-channel strategies have tripled leads and increased quality, ensuring a steady pipeline for your sales team.

  • Sales & Marketing Harmony: She weaves marketing initiatives into sales goals, creating campaigns that resonate with prospects and drive conversions.

  • Agency Whisperer: Natasha effortlessly bridges the gap between you, your internal teams, and external agencies, ensuring a cohesive, results-oriented approach.

Natasha is the missing link you've been searching for.

Together we'll illuminate your brand, ignite connections, and elevate your community.

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Serving: Communities across the U.S.

Based in: Bucks County, PA

Drake Strategic provides strategic marketing solutions for the senior living industry
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