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Unlocking the Vibrancy of Senior Living


Natasha Drake
Founder & CEO

Armed with 17 years of experience in the senior living industry, Natasha has developed and overseen marketing strategy, branding and design for dozens of communities across the country, including 55+ active adult, life plan/CCRC, independent living, assisted living, memory care and equity communities. Her key areas of expertise are in pre-development and new community branding, as well as positioning and lead generation strategies through an omnichannel approach. With both "boots on the ground" community level experience, and marketing agency experience, she brings her expertise from those worlds together to create successful and cohesive strategic plans for her clients.

As a passionate leader, Natasha strives every day to ensure that the messaging is on-brand, compelling and aligns with the strengths of the community through a person-focused approach. She has been instrumental in coaching, managing and leading account management teams to ensure that all marketing, digital and creative perspectives are designed on brand to generate qualified leads and advance those leads through the sales funnel to exceed established goals.


Natasha’s Top Gallup Strengths:
Futuristic, Communication, Achiever, Competition, and Significance.

Her talent of Communication allows her to connect, collaborate and inspire people. Through her Futuristic and Significance talents, she is always looking ahead and always reaching toward the next step. And as an Achiever matched with Competition, she strives to accomplish more and to be the best at what she does. As a coach and mentor, she extends her talents to motivate and influence her team.

A Unique Perspective

Your Senior Living Sales Partner

Natasha brings a rare perspective to agency and sales partnerships: she's been in your shoes. Spending years deep within senior living communities, she's mastered the art of building relationships, guiding visits, planning events and closings sales on the frontline. Now, with over a decade of agency experience in sales and marketing strategy, she seamlessly closes the gap between tactics and results.

Proven Partnership Powerhouse:

  • Boosts Lead Generation: Natasha's holistic multi-channel strategies have tripled leads and increased quality, ensuring a steady pipeline for your sales team.

  • Sales & Marketing Harmony: She weaves marketing initiatives into sales goals, creating campaigns that resonate with prospects and drive conversions.

  • Agency Whisperer: Natasha effortlessly connects the dots between you, your internal teams, and external agencies, ensuring a cohesive, results-oriented approach.

Natasha is the missing link you've been searching for.



At the Heart of Everything

At Drake Strategic, we believe in building strong, lasting relationships through honesty, transparency, and integrity. These values are not just words on a page; they are the foundation of everything we do. Natasha, our founder and leader, embodies these values in every interaction. 



Our word is our bond, and we stand by our commitments – to our team, partners, and clients.


Even when faced with difficult challenges, we believe in open communication and foster a culture of transparency.


We operate with an open book policy, actively sharing data, analysis, and results to build trust, understanding, and accountability, allowing partners to fully grasp our decision-making and the impact of our work.


We operate with the highest ethical standards, ensuring our actions align with our values.

What this means for you:


You can count on us to deliver on our promises and be a dependable partner.

Authentic Interactions

We believe in open and honest communication, even when it's challenging.

Informed Decisions

We empower you with clear information and insights to make informed choices.

Ethical Partnership

We operate with transparency and integrity, building trust at every step.

Join us in creating a lasting impact. By partnering with us, you're not just choosing a service; you're joining a team built on shared values. Together, we can achieve great things with an unwavering commitment to what's right.

 Not just a consultant but your dedicated partner in achieving your senior living sales goals.

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Serving: Communities across the U.S.

Based in: Bucks County, PA

Drake Strategic provides strategic marketing solutions for the senior living industry
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