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Conquer Senior Living Marketing in 3 Minutes: Proactive Strategies for Success

Updated: May 13

In today's competitive senior living market, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. This blog post dives into three key takeaways from The Drake Insights Podcast episode "Three Senior Living Marketing Tips in 3 Minutes," hosted by Natasha Drake of Drake Strategic. By implementing these proactive strategies, senior living communities can achieve their marketing goals and attract new residents.

Don't Wait Until the End of the Quarter: Proactive Marketing Strategies

The podcast episode emphasizes the importance of ditching the "set it and forget it" marketing mentality. Here are actionable tips for senior living communities:

Tip #1 - Revisit and Refine Your Marketing Plans Regularly

Don't let your marketing plan become an afterthought! Quarterly planning is essential, but so is consistent review and adaptation. Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

  • Are your plans customized for each community, considering factors like target audience and budget?

  • Do your plans allocate resources effectively between digital marketing and traditional marketing channels like direct mail?

  • Are your lead generation goals clear and measurable?

Tip #2 - Embrace Data-Driven Decision Making

Data is your friend in senior living marketing. Don't wait until the end of the quarter to analyze results. Review data regularly, such as:

  • Lead generation results from events held in the previous month (e.g., January).

  • The quality of leads generated by your digital marketing efforts.

  • Conversion rates: Are leads translating into tours and sales?

By closely monitoring this data, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize your marketing strategies throughout the year.

Tip #3 - Be Agile and Adapt Your Marketing Plan as Needed

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Don't be afraid to adjust your plan based on your data insights.

For example:

  • If lead generation fell short in January, use February to make strategic adjustments. This could involve tweaking your digital marketing campaigns or launching targeted mailers.

  • Consider the marketing funnel. While February might be a good time for lead nurturing and conversion events, March could be an opportunity to ramp up lead generation efforts again.

By following these proactive tips, senior living communities can achieve data-driven marketing that keeps them on track for success.

Looking for more senior living marketing insights? Subscribe to The Drake Insights Podcast and visit Drake Strategic's website at for additional resources.
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